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Re: [IP] it's getting better!! & silhouettes not sticking (long)

this carb counting just has me crazy.  I started on the pump last week.  My 
recommended diet call for four carbs at brkfst, lunch and dinner and one carb 
at 3:00pm and 9:30pm (bedtime).  When I am home this is simple I have 2 carbs 
oatmeal for brkfst and 2 fruit carbs Mon to Fri. Lunch 2 starch carbs and 2 
fruit carbs, 3:00pm snk, 1 fruit carb, dinner max 5oz protein, 2 starch carb, 
one fruit carb, one veg and one other carb of my choseing, 9:30pm, asml pack 
of four peanutbutter crackers equaling 15 carbs.  Each meal totals 60 carb 
grams each snk 15 grams.  My ratio is one unit for 20 carb grams.  To 
compensate for highs - one unit for every 50 points.  I believe my highs have 
been caused by rebounds to earlier lows.  My carb counting is a nightmare 
when I go out to eat.  Restaurant food is not as easy to figure out like when 
I am home.  What does someone due for a four carb dinner meal in an Italian 
restaurant?  Chicken franchase, a side of spagetti and two small pieces of 
Italian bread?  I can't even stand looking at food anymore.  If you eat it is 
trouble, if you don't eat it is trouble.  I can't wait until they adjust my 
basal rate and I don't have to eat except when I am hungry.  I am becoming a 
small cow eating meals I don't like and are not hungry for and chasing lows 
with smarties candies or some other junk.  There has to be more in life than 
diabetes and food.  Sorry I am a crab but I am worn out with all this.  
Testing, testing feel like a human pin cushion.  I will do whatever it takes 
to make this work but I better get a handle on what it takes soon.  Than 
thanks for Putting up with my comments.  Tomorrow is another day.  I will try 

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