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Re: [IP] Insurance Problems with Prescriptions - Long

> My benefits only allow 2 boodles of humalog per co pay.  I guess if I went in 
> for three I would pay $15 co pay for the first two  and perhaps would have to 
> pay full price for the third.  I was thinking of asking my benefits dept. to 
> increase my monthly allowance to three vials.  I understand that this can be 
> done.
The benefits are as stated in your insurance contract, not what the 
prescription company interprets them to be. If it say a 1 month supply 
and you need 3 vials or 30, they are obligated to supply a "1 month supply".
Try to get someone senior in the chain of command to talk to. Failing 
that, ask for the name and telephone number of the "Medical Director", 
call and explain your problam. "You have diabetes, a 30 day supply of 
insulin is 3 vials, would they like to supply it as stated in your 
policy or would they like you to take the matter up with the press and 
the department of insurance". I think you will get the response you want.

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