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Re: [IP] Ratios

> >From what I understand, everyone is different.  They usually start with 15:1 
> ration and adjust accordinging.  There is a formula called the 450 rule or 
> 500 rule, depending on what insulin you use.  It is in the Stop the 
> Rollercoaster book.  It estimates the grams of carb per unit of Regular and 
> Humalog.  You can find it at WWW.diabetesnet.com/math/450.html.  Good luck.  
> Look also at the 1500 rule.  you can find it at 

Yeah, we've got it on the web site here as well. HOWEVER!!!, the answers 
produced by using this rule vary greatly from what each individual uses. 
When I set up the calculation tool on the web site, I queried the IP 
developers (all pumpers) to get their ratios as a check and asked them 
each to try the new tool. The tool "calculates" correctly, but it's 
answers differ from what "real" people use by as much as 2:1. It is right 
one for some people, but not all. Use any of these "rules of thumb" with 
great care. They are useful for "first" guidelines only. The real ratios 
must be worked out on a trial and error basis using real data collected 
over a period of time or actual test results under well controlled 

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