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[IP] A really good day

I have to share this with you. As a parent this was a most pleasing day.
I took Lily and friend along with brother Charlie and sister Daisy to 
Raging Waters. We picked up Laura (friend) about 10:30, Lily checked and 
was a little high. She bolused down and off we went to Raging Waters. 
When we arrived she was at about 11, she 190 and comming down nicely. She 
took off her pump and we all took off for the various rides. At about 
1:00 every one was hungry so we retrieved Lily's "stuff" from the locker 
and she check -- bg was 123. She had a burger and fries from a stand, 
guestimated a bolus, put her pump away and off we went again. At 5:00 the 
hungries struck again and we all headed for the snack bar. Lily's bg's 
were 78 and we all had Sundaes. Lily's was hot fudge with crushed oreo's 
sprinkled all around and a brownie on the bottom. I don't know what she 
guess for all that, but she bolused and we put the "stuff & pump" back in 
the locker. At 7:00 the park closed and we managed to get out of there 
about 7"30. She checked in the car and was 119. I can't say how pleased I 
am that my daughter can do these things like her friends and siblings. It 
gave me great pleasure to watch her wolf down the sundae and enjoy these 
things that so many take for granted.

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