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Re: [IP] Insurance Problems with Prescriptions - Long

When I picked up my prescription for Humalog the clerk told me Humalog was
not on there list of medicines, so I would have to pay full price. I fought
and argued and finally cried, the pharmacist in the back came out and let me
have the prescription for the co-pay of $10.00, but told me my doctor had to
write on the prescription that this brand and formulation was the only one I
could use, since then my doctor buts an exception code on everything which
drives the insurance up the wall, but I do get my prescriptions at the
correct price.

By the way I do not cry often, I was just so upset that some 18-year-old kid
told me "you don't really need this kind, the other kind is the same". Just
in the last three week my lows have gone down from several a week to only
two in three weeks, and my bg average is at 100, not 145 from the lows
turning into highs.

I started with saline last week and wil be using Humalog in the pump at the
beginning of this week.
I was glad I got the chance to inject the Humalog and learn how my body used
it before going on the pump.

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