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Re: [IP] publicity not always good

Hey Lori. I've had diabetes for over 14 yrs and been on the pump for almost
14 yrs. Sometimes even with great control a person just destined to have
problems earlier than some. You can't really tell sometimes. I've fought
hard for good control and with a1c's running between 6 & 8 most of my life
I've just recently started having a high protein count in my urine. Higher
than limit anyway. My doc is going to redo the 24 hr urine collection just
to be sure, but she already talking meds for that. I excercise often, work
way to hard but sometimes,,,,,,,,, well you know. I will continue to fight
it. They'll have to pry my stiff fingers from my bicycle. I'll never make
the "Tour de France" but I'll ride till I drop.
Talk at you later, gotta roll on for now
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From: Lori Eckrich <email @ redacted>
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Date: Sunday, July 11, 1999 12:27 AM
Subject: [IP] publicity not always good

>Yeaaaaay Sara -- I could tell that it was you from the first paragraph,
>although I hadn't glanced at the address.  The pump simplifies life a
>little, but even with superlative control (including monthly visits with
>endo, CDE, and dietitian -- we all do that, right??), 40% will still
>encounter severe complications from D.   We have to find a cure, no I
>meant to say fund a cure.
>Sara, have you read the book yet?  She was a part of the theater crowd
>in NY and has several other outward/personality similarities to you.
>She also hammers hard on many of the same points.
>I've come to the conclusion lately that some of us get to the "hard
>part" of diabetes sooner.  I use to believe that the "I will beat this
>disease" attitude was responsible in part for my really tight control.
>The attitude hasn't changed, but I know that I'm not winning anymore.
>My A1c's are still great, but I feel rotten all too often.  When will it
>hit for you?  I don't know, perhaps never -- but then again, maybe
>tomorrow.  Let's work HARD for the cure.
>Take care,
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