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Re: [IP] FWD: Need Your Help!!

Hey, I heard of a Doctor in Richmond Va who has patients as young as 6 or 7
on pumps. He is a pediatric endocrinologist and has a good reputation. I
haven't heard about him or of him ina few years, but when I was a adult
support person in a teen diabetic group he was part of state support board
for diabetic children. I'm sorry I can remember his name. He use to take
these children mountain climbing and white water rafting trips if they did
good and worked at taking  care of themselves. I was to say the least very
impressed. At the time he had at least 2 kids on pumps that were 7 yrs of
You might pass that one on.
Catch you later
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Date: Sunday, July 11, 1999 2:30 AM
Subject: [IP] FWD: Need Your Help!!

>Hi Everyone,
> I'm hoping that you could lend some support to another parent
>who is not on the list yet.  She posted the following letter to another
>and apparantly has gotten very little help and a lot of negative responses.
>I sent her a letter to use about my son Steven and hopefully some of you
>pumper parents out there can help out too.  Please reply privately to the
>e-mail address below as she is not yet a member of this list.  Thanks for
>your time!
>Subj: Need your help!!
>Date: 7/7/99 6:39:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time
>From: email @ redacted (JOHN F. ROONEY)
>Reply-to: email @ redacted (JOHN F. ROONEY)
>Hi everyone,
>Well, the fight with UNC actually still continues!  They called me today
>told me they would not put Cassie on the pump because she is too young
>(she's 8).  Also, they told me, again that it is too much responsibility
>her.  We had quite a long conversation and I told her that this is what we
>want for our daughter and she told me that it is not "appropriate" for her.
>I think she made me want this pump for Cassie even more!!!  Anyway, I have
>an appointment on Tues. July 13 and I was wondering if all you pumper
>parents of kids age 8 or younger could write a letter about how beneficial
>the pump has been for your child and your family.  I would like to print
>them out and bring them with me so if you could send them by Mon. July 12
>would be more helpful then you know!!  I think that these people need to
>wake up and smell the coffee.  They tried that Bs of telling me that I've
>made Diabetes too big of a thing in her life.  I told them that I think
>they are WRONG to tell ME something like that.  I felt like they were
>to blame her high blood sugars on me.  I told them that I test her as many
>times as I feel necessary and if it's six.......it's six.Sometimes less or
>sometimes more but whatever I feel is necessary.  I am the one who deals
>with her everyday, not them.  I even wrote a letter as suggested by someone
>else on this forum and she told me they discussed it but decided against
>being on the pump.  "they're not ready for it"  What about us?  I told them
>that she is ready and we as a family are ready to accept this
>but she told me that there is a lethal dose of insulin in the pump and she
>could make a mistake.
>I could go on and on but I'll save you all the headache.  Sorry it was so
>long and I thank everyone for their help!!!!!!!!!
>                                   Margie (mom of Cassie 8 dx 6/98)
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