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Re: [IP] Atheletes On The Pump

Doreen, I use to help direct a teen diabetes youth group in Newort News Va.
In it we had one mother who was taking her son to a doc here that him on a
strict green leaf diet. It kept him off insulin but was it really worth it
for the sake of the kid not being on insulin? The teen was miserable. This
doc was into alternative methods for treating patients with diabetes. The
mother eventually took her son to some clinic in Ga. for whatever reason. In
my past experience if your uncomfortable with a doc move on to someone else.
To many people are afraid of hurting the doctors feelings. I say bull. Some
doctors are there for the money and nothing else. To many good ones out
there to stop at one your uncomfortable with.
 You know all those bad rumors of diabetic women getting pregnant and having
all those bad things happening to them comes from way back in the stone
ages. And their are still some doctors who still think that way.
If AMA would do something to those quack docs it might be worth the trouble
of filing a complaint against them. But it's like a tight brotherhood bond
in some doctors circles.
It's a d--n shame to us
Take care Ed
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>In a message dated 7/10/99 2:23:39 PM EST, email @ redacted writes:
><< The CDE actually told my 12 year old that she would run a HIGH risk of
> defects, IF SHE SHOULD EVER TRY TO GET PREGNANT.  Indicating she probably
> shouldn't.  What good is telling a 12 year old this?  She's now terrified
> swearing off marrage and childbirth.
> I know this is kind of "out there", but it really upset Tizzy.  Why do
> even bring this up at this point?  >>
>When my daughter was diagnosed 12 years ago, the doctors told me she would
>legally blind by the time shes 18 years old. She is now 14 and has had no
>The doctors who say this kind of S**T should try another occupation
>garbage man since they're already slinging S**T)  Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers
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