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[IP] RE: Accutility Software

> Hey Brian~
> I'd like to know if you encountered any problems
> installing the software
> program.  Did you follow the instructions and turn
> off all the programs that
> run at start-up?  The instructions give the virus
> scan as an example of
> those programs.
> I've got the following stuff....and I assume it is
> all programs that run
> automatically at startup.
> McAfee VShield
> Task Scheduler
> Power Chute plus Server OnLine
> McAfee VirusScan Scheduler
> They suggest holding down <CTRL> & pressing <Esc>
> when you have Windows 3.1
> and <CTRL> <ALT> & <DELETE> with Windows
> 95.........well, I gots Windows 98.
> I'm a 'puter newbie who has already managed to screw
> up my settings as well
> as damage a cluster on my hard drive....so, I'm a
> little leery of fiddling
> around too much.
> I have no doubt that I will have to call Roche's
> Tech Support folks when I
> install this stuff...but I want to hear from some
> folks that have installed
> the program first.  Real people have a much better
> grasp of newbie problems
> than tech-support staff.
> It's been my experience that in order to get help
> when you don't understand
> something about your computer, you have to know what
> to call the
> thing....but if you know what to call it, then you
> already know how to do
> it.
> With many thanks
> ~Janet
> p.s.  Kathie......"Accutility" is the computer
> software program designed by
> Roche for use with the Accu-Chek Complete blood
> glucose monitor.  It allows
> you to download your readings and print all kinds of
> charts, graphs and
> data.  It also allows you to modify your meter
> settings to meet your
> preferences.

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