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[IP] First Step (long, can't help it)

I am so excited!!!   Taylor's endo called me today (yes Sunday) to let me
know he had received our letter, and that he would be writing the
prescription, and letter of medical necessity.  He is flying out of town
today, so he will write it on Wednesday, but he just wanted to touch base
with us to let us know it would be done.  I want to thank Joyce and Kelly
whom I met on this site, without your vast assistance I would not have been
able to get this far this fast.
Holly (Taylor 8, dx 3-9-99)

Here is a copy of the letter I wrote (actually reworded Kelly's)

June 25, 1999

Dr. Samuel Abbate

Attention: Dr. Abbate

Dear Dr. Abbate,


After considerable discussion as a family, Ed and I have decided we would
like to pursue the issue of putting Taylor on an insulin pump.  During
Taylor's appointment on 6-24-99 you had stated he would make an excellent
candidate for pump therapy as he is willing to do the extra work necessary,
i.e. testing and counting carbohydrates to cover his meals, but were
hesitant to give a prescription for the pump related to his age (you stated
BC/BS wouldn't place him on the pump until he was 12).
In the time since you have begun treating Taylor (3-9-99), you have shown
true concern and caring for him and his quality of life.  There is no doubt
in our minds that you have and will continue to go above and beyond to
provide the best possible care for Taylor as well as taking the time and
effort for the rest of the family.  Our respect for you is why we feel
comfortable in coming to you with our concerns.
We have researched Pump Therapy extensively and believe that Taylor would
benefit from it tremendously.  We have explored many sites on the Internet,
including MiniMed and Disetronic and have reviewed the literature provided
to us.  We have communicated with many parents of young pump users via
Internet and Personal conversations.  From all of the information we have
gleaned, we truly believe Taylor is more than responsible enough to handle
the pump.
Through our research we believe that since Taylor's insulin needs change
daily depending upon his activity level and normal growth spurts the pump
will provide flexibility and allow him to maintain his BG's with more
stability than is available with MDI.  We see no reason for him to have to
feel sick from the drastic swing in blood sugars that we are beginning to
see when this technology could alleviate this to a certain extent for him.
The way he feels as well as the discomfort and dangers of sudden lows or
nighttime hypoglycemia has made a significant impact on his daily life as
well as ours.
We have discussed the pump with Taylor and have watched the tapes with him
about it.  He understands what it does and that it is "always part of him".
He is willing to accept that in order to feel better and that is first and
foremost to us.  Taylor is capable of measuring and drawing up his own
insulin under supervision.  He is acutely aware of his hypo- as well as
hyperglycemic episodes.  He administers his own injections willingly and
tests whenever necessary without hesitation.  We test on the average of 6-10
times per day currently.  Truthfully, we cannot imagine him not being able
to handle the responsibilities of the pump given all he is capable of doing
We would like you to send a letter of medical necessity and a prescription
to the Disetronic Pump Company.  We are aware of the fact we must then wait
until insurance approval comes through.  We are also aware of the lengthy
process this can be.  We would like to be given a chance to go through this
process, and are prepared to do what ever is necessary to go through it.  We
trust you implicitly and would be eager to discuss this further with you.
After reading this letter and the e-mail attachment I am enclosing please
contact us at 1-701-XXX-XXXX.  We truly feel that it is a possibility and
that we should emplore further as a team.
Holly & Ed Nelson

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