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[IP] it's getting better!! & silhouettes not sticking (long)

Hey all!
 PUMPING IS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER!! Of course my bg were off this
week, I had probs with 3 or 4 infusion sets, and that affects bg! And
carb counting I realize my mistakes when that's it. My doc may not want
to change my basal rates, but checking these past few days hourly and
every 2 hours, guess what!! I know what to change, haha to him! I see
the lows (sorry, dinner was waiting on the world cup!) and I need to
change that, same thing with early afternoon. Just because they want to
tell me I'm doing fine and my rates are good, when I see the problem, I
am DEFINITELY going to fix it! And I made it through the night in great
control last night!! I stayed between 100-140!! Only prob was I was
going low b4 bed, so I had a snack. They don't want me needing that
snack, neither do I, but I'm always hungry at night! So tonight i will
try it wihtout the snack, and if my correction doesn't work, I will
prolong the lower rate!! So, my graphs and finding out the hard ways
has helped me! and i learn a lot when I'm not home b/c no schedule I
should be fine, but I'm not and that is a real helper in pinpointing
where the rates need changed! I have my 2 week pump checkup Thursday,
and I will probably get yelled at for playing with my basals (you know
me, I asked b4 I left the hospital..the answer was no!) but I'm helping
my bg more than they are being helped by just sitting there! So it's
not that hard, just trust your instincts and yourself, and I will
always think I know my body better than the doc, so I have the right to
try my changes. I hit 276 and 41 yesterday, pizza for the high (next
time I'll try dual wave), and the low ..basal adjustment time!
 One prob I have had, let alone all those sof sets which didn't work
this week, a silhouette which sent me high after 2 days, a set i found
I was bleeding into 11pm Friday (talk about a hassle, I had just
changed sets the day before!), my sils will not stick! I put tegaderm
under this one, this was my fast change b/c of bleeding into that sof
set. and it was half off after my shower. So same night I put tegaderm
on TOP of the silhouette. NO prob, but noticed 6 am at this morning, my
set was almost all the way off! I stuck a bandaid on it..haha, but it
was on top of the disconnector, and even though the tape wasn't
sticking, my sil is still in place! When I woke up a few hours later, I
put a 3rd! piece of tegaderm on, but that didn't do anything, so I
still have a bandaid on it! Is there any way to get this set to stick
naturally on its own without needing tegaderm or bandaids? or is there
anything which works well? And yes, I use IV prep before I put on the
tape, but that still doesn't help too much.  One other thing I learned
this week, I'm lucky!! I got tired of all the set probs this week, so I
stuck this sil in my leg, and i know people say the absorption rate is
affected,but guess what, not in me!! in fact, my bg have been really
good except for undercalculating carbs. 
 I'm finally learning, and really starting to love my pump! I'm going
to a pumpers support group tomorrow and that should be good..one thing
wiht the sil, I get too many bubbles!
 Anyway, it just takes time, and I'm trusting myself for the changes,
forget I was told not to, I seem to be doing better now!
 Pumping 13 days!

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