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[IP] Allergies and sharing information.

Good Morning,

I have severe allergies and have taken Actifed since it was prescription
every night and morning for 24 years. I have tried all of the new
allergy meds and none work as effective, and it seems to be the only med
with a decongestant that I do not develop a resistance to. The problem
is because of this seasons high mold/fungus and pollen counts I have had
to up my med to 4 to 5 times in a 24 hour period, under my doctors
supervision. If I do not do this my BG starts going crazy high 400 to
500 so the trade off is worth it. What I learned my help someone else.
If I do not keep my allergies under control my sites last 24 hours if I
am lucky, when I am controlling the allergies I can get 3 days at most
from a site, regardless of where or what type of infusion set. I use all
three available (bent needle, soft set and sills). The other lesson I
learned and I don't know if it is allergy related is for me I can use an
area of my body for my sets for about a week, regardless of how many
changes I do in that time, after that I must switch to a different area
and I have to stay away from that area for about three weeks.

Also, I drink at least 96 + ounces water everyday, but I found a way to
drink water and decrease my Bolus insulin. I split the 96 ounces into 3
32 ounce servings right after my meals. When I do this I can omit 1/2 to
1 unit of insulin from my bolus and help keep my body hydrated at a time
when I am most likely to have higher readings. If you have any condition
that causes mineral loss besides DM (for some) and drink a good amount
of water you may want to replace those with a gatorade like drink, I
lose salt because of CF and I have to take magnesium because of DM, it
is not a big deal to me to cover gatorade but you can make your own with
artificial sugar if it is needed.

Michael posted about his daughter swimming and not needing insulin (I
think). If he did I have to agree with him, I did a few test over the
last six weeks and this is what I found. I can not go swimming if I am
not at least 2 hours out of my last bolus with out a severe hypo 30-40.
When I can safely go swimming I have to shot my bg way up to almost 300
then if I swim for an hour like I usually do I test and I am at 80 to
90, all of this completely disconnected. I was hoping that I had found a
non insulin way to bring my sugar down, I started thinking I could work
and live  from inside a pool or cold shower :0), but the draw back for
me is, because my bg drops so rapidly in the pool if I check in an hour
after the pool then I have re-bounded  to a low 200's. I am still
working on this one.
As always this is for me and I realize my circumstances are unique, but
some of you have given me idea's that work so I though some my benefit
from what I am learning.
Wonderful Health and Everyone Take Care

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