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Re: [IP] Insurance Problems with Prescriptions - Long

Call your insurance company and explain to them that if the doctor didn't' feel
it necessary for you to check your bg that often he wouldn't have written the
prescription for that many strips or humalog.  I found it was the pharmacy I was
having my problems with.  After changing pharmacies I stopped having problems. 
I get 250 strips for about $11.00 and 4 bottles of humalog for $16.00.  I let
them know that a trip to the hospital was much more than a few strips and
bottles of humalog.

Bagwill Family wrote:
> Hi all:
 First, they refused to provide the 240 to 300
> strips as my doctor had prescribed (I test approx. 8 x's a day) they would
> only "allow" 200 test strips a month.  Then they told me it would cost $90
> because it is a non-preferred drug.  Okay there is some fine print that says
> if you purchase a non-preferred drug it is a $45 co-pay but I still don't
> see where they can charge me $90 and then only provide part of the
> prescription!
> 2 days later I realized I was almost out of Humalog so I went back to the
> pharmacy and handed in my prescription for Humalog.  My doctor had written
> it for 3 bottles which is more than a month's supply but I figured they had
> got their money for the test strips so I would try and if they argued I
> would take less.  Well that one came back that it would be a $50 co-payment
> because it was on the non-preferred list.  I didn't have $50 and asked the
> pharmacist how much one bottle would be, she advised me $33 and then said
> let's see what happens if we run just one through on this.  Well it came
> back $25 co-payment.  She then ran through 2 and it came back $25 co-payment
> so I got 2 bottles for $25.  How can 2 bottles be on the preferred list and
> 3 not?
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