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[IP] Working HARD for the MONEY!!!

Greetings all:
    I've read several recent posts about the proverbial "luck of the draw" 
regarding who will or won't get complications, and hence the absolute URGENCY 
to find that elusive CURE & be done with this. My "professional volunteer" 
job ( my brother's unsolicited description of my "hobby") which revolves 
around the JDF office ( when I'm not doing my "other" advocacy at Living 
Beyond  Breast Cancer) is motivated by this knowledge that ONLY a CURE will 
guarantee that no one has to suffer this scourge henceforth, be it our 
children, grandchildren or whomever. I'm currently working on our family 
team's letter for the Phila. JDF WALK to CURE DIABETES & offer you a link to 
the "rough draft" here if anyone cares to read it....Since I'm now involved 
"on the inside" too with JDF, it also details the inner-workings of JDF to 
those of you who may not be familiar with the efficacy of this organization ( 
which is NOT, contrary to popular MISinformation, the junior group of ADA!!!) 
and may want to get involved, and form your own team for your region's WALK.
    OK...FORGET IT...for some reason, I cannot link the letter & don't want 
to clog the cyber highways for those of you who aren't interested, so if 
anyone cares to read it, e-mail me separately & I'll forward it! Sorry!

Regards, Renee (Melissa's mom/pump coach/ advocate for a CURE)
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