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Re: [IP] Life Before Pump........

<< The CDE actually told my 12 year old that she would run a HIGH risk of 
 defects, IF SHE SHOULD EVER TRY TO GET PREGNANT.  Indicating she probably 
shouldn't.  What good is telling a 12 year old this?  She's now terrified and 
 swearing off marrage and childbirth.  >>

Good grief!  What country do you live in????   Some of what you are sharing 
with us is so absurd it seems unlikely that this is going on in the good ole 

Also, I am sorry that it is taking so long  to get into your endo.  We had to 
wait a while after Laura (our 9 year old) was put on the pump and at the time 
it seemed forever.  However, now looking back 8 months later we have 
completely forgotten LBP (Life Before Pump)    <grin>

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