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[IP] FWD: Need Your Help!!

Hi Everyone,
		I'm hoping that you could lend some support to another parent 
who is not on the list yet.  She posted the following letter to another list 
and apparantly has gotten very little help and a lot of negative responses.  
I sent her a letter to use about my son Steven and hopefully some of you 
pumper parents out there can help out too.  Please reply privately to the 
e-mail address below as she is not yet a member of this list.  Thanks for 
your time!
Subj:	 Need your help!!
Date:	7/7/99 6:39:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:	email @ redacted (JOHN F. ROONEY)
Reply-to:	email @ redacted (JOHN F. ROONEY)

Hi everyone,
Well, the fight with UNC actually still continues!  They called me today and
told me they would not put Cassie on the pump because she is too young
(she's 8).  Also, they told me, again that it is too much responsibility for
her.  We had quite a long conversation and I told her that this is what we
want for our daughter and she told me that it is not "appropriate" for her.
I think she made me want this pump for Cassie even more!!!  Anyway, I have
an appointment on Tues. July 13 and I was wondering if all you pumper
parents of kids age 8 or younger could write a letter about how beneficial
the pump has been for your child and your family.  I would like to print
them out and bring them with me so if you could send them by Mon. July 12 it
would be more helpful then you know!!  I think that these people need to
wake up and smell the coffee.  They tried that Bs of telling me that I've
made Diabetes too big of a thing in her life.  I told them that I think that
they are WRONG to tell ME something like that.  I felt like they were trying
to blame her high blood sugars on me.  I told them that I test her as many
times as I feel necessary and if it's six.......it's six.Sometimes less or
sometimes more but whatever I feel is necessary.  I am the one who deals
with her everyday, not them.  I even wrote a letter as suggested by someone
else on this forum and she told me they discussed it but decided against her
being on the pump.  "they're not ready for it"  What about us?  I told them
that she is ready and we as a family are ready to accept this responsibility
but she told me that there is a lethal dose of insulin in the pump and she
could make a mistake.

I could go on and on but I'll save you all the headache.  Sorry it was so
long and I thank everyone for their help!!!!!!!!!

                                   Margie (mom of Cassie 8 dx 6/98)

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