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Subject: Re: [IP] Stomach really the only site?

My 10 year old daughter loves to swim, and also does competitive gymnastics,
which involves leotards (insignificantly different than swimsuits), and 3
hour practices.  For both swim suits and leotards, I buy swimsuit fabric
from a fabric store, make a 3.5" X 5" pocket, and sew it over the side seam
of the suit, just under the arm.  The elastic of the swimsuit arm keeps the
pump in place.  It works great, and doesn't take a sewing genius to do.

Just a small plug for Disetronic in your situation.  It's waterproof without
special cases, which the Minimed isn't.  I don't think there'd be any way to
hide a MM Sportguard in a swim suit. You're right that you can't disconnect
for all day (unless you use shots of long acting insulin, perish the
thought), and I would hate to have to keep track of when to hook back up for
another bolus to cover the missed insulin, and I'm sure Jenna wouldn't keep
up with that.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom

<<My daughter is on the swim team and she wears a one
piece suit.  Where do you put the pump? I've heard that some people
disconnect them when they swim, but since her
workouts sometimes go for two hours, I don't think this is a possibility.
She also tends to stay at the pool after practice (well, only when it's not
raining!) so she can't disconect for all day.  >>

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