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[IP] Genetic Testing

Hello everyone......I was wondering. Some of you know of the trouble I have been having. My wonderful 'pumpy' is turning into the same old, same old troubles of MDI. Seems there is something wrong with me, whatever. I am not a happy camper about now. The other day I did another absorption test, Intramuscular, that hurt like h***!! It showed that the Humalog even in the muscle still only peaks at 3.5 hours!! Compared to the 1 hour it should've. I am still in the process of getting all this figured out. My Endo had me set my basal rate at 1.0 across the board. So we'll see how this goes, but..........my real question is , yesterday he said he wants me to go to Mcmaster for genetic screening. It seems that I have a disease called Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia, which basically means 'Lots of Endocrine related Abnormalities'...........yeah......Has anyone gone to a Genetistist? What's involved? My assumption is it's a whole battery of tests, right down to the chromosome level.
I am not sure at all.............I am really depressed and wish they could invent a whole body transplant!
Thanks, Wendy Anderson(ONT)