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Subject: [IP] A cry for help...

Sherry, this answer is actually to two questions, I guess.  My endo was also
moving much slower than I wanted in getting the letter done for the pump.
And my insurance requires that all endo visits are pre-authorized, and stuff
that comes from my family dr. doesn't have to be.  So, I wrote up the letter
that was needed, gave it to my family doctor, who cheerfully signed it
(since it was already written), and I faxed it in that day.  I was very
fortunate that we got immediate approval by our insurance company, and 1
week later, we had our pair of Disetronic pumps in hand.  So, if you know
what the letter needs to say, have a form letter from D or MM, write it up,
get your family doctor to sign it, and send it in.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom

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