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Re: [IP] Insurance Problems with Prescriptions - Long

I don't have any answer for you just support.  I'm a nurse that has worked 
with insurance companies for 18 years and have had my battles with them.  My 
advice is to go public.  Let me explain

I have been pregnant 12 times.  I'm not very good at it.  I usually go into 
labor early and lose the babies,  When I was pregnant with Becca (my 6yr old) 
 I was told if I went into labor again I would have to be hospitalized for 
the remainder of my pregnancy.  

Everytime I got up to take care of my two living children, I went into labor. 
 I asked my insurance company to provide an home health care worker.  (to do 
laundry and care for my kids)  Of course they declined

There were three choices.  1)go into labor and be hospitalized for the 
duration of my pregnancy.  Cost:  500.00/day.  2)deliver early and have a 
newborn in the newborn ICU.  Cost: 2,000/day.  3)provide a "helper".  Cost:  
45.00/day.  Again they refused.  

I contacted a journalist at the Cincinnati Enquirer.  She wrote an article on 
me and guess what, the insurance company paid!!!

Get some publicity.  They hate negative publicity
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