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[IP] Where to put pump while swimming

I sewed a small pocket into the back of my suit (mens) on the inside. 
The pump has been held very securely.  For a woman's suit, perhaps a
pocket near the small of the back might work well.

>I have a silly question.  My daughter is on the swim team and she wears a
>piece suit.  Where do you put the pump?  She's not currently pumping, but
>have high hopes that she soon will be.  She's concerned about where the
>I've heard that some people disconnect them when they swim, but since her
>workouts sometimes go for two hours, I don't think this is a possibility.
>She also tends to stay at the pool after practice (well, only when it's not
>raining!) so she can't disconect for all day.  What would she do?

Steph puts hers in a baby sock and pins that to the inside seam of her
Works great at pools and at the beach. Her pump is waterproof
so not too bulky to be a problem for a scrawny 10 year old. Maybe
aerodynamically (what's the water equivalent of that?) it would be
better to
pin inside the back somewhere for less "drag"...

Good luck,
Betsy, mom of Stephanie, pumping since 3/98
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