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RE: [IP] I'm frustrated already!


I sent 4 months of bs's. My Endo photocopied my pocket record book and sent
it as it was - full of smart ass remarks, sad & smiley faces, my scribble,
comments about my Endo and PCP etc. etc. !!!  So, I wouldn't worry, Cigna
has probably seen it all before - well at least once ! ( now watch for Sam's
comments !! )

Also, sending your paperwork to Disetronic won't hasten things because Cigna
will not buy a pump directly from them, they use Insulin Infusion
Specialties, (IIS). If you send the paperwork directly to Disetronic they
just sit on it, wondering what to do. So it may be an idea to call IIS for
advice on where to send your info, their number is (800) 838-7867 

I found the Disetronic's rep. here in Philly to be very, very helpful, she
coordinated all the paperwork once I found out where to send it.

As I mentioned in an earlier posting to IP, I found out through the HR dept.
who my company's Cigna rep. was and I found that talking to and sending lots
of e-mail produced very fast results. If you can't find out who your rep.
e-mail me privately and I'll send you my rep's name and e-mail, I'm sure he
would put in touch with the right person. 

And finally, don't even bother calling Cigna's general 800 number for
assistance - they are LESS than helpful and refuse to tell you anything.

Good luck


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		Just curious.  How many weeks worth of BS's did you send
Cigna?  I'm going
		to send Disetronic a month's worth and hope that's enough.

		Donna Triolo-Clarke
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