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[IP] Ratios

I recently did the calculations for the Blood Sugar/Insulin, Blood 
Sugar/Carbohydrate and Carbohydrate/Insulin Ratio as I had made adjustments, 
since I first went on the pump of basals, bolus as well as dropped a couple 
of pounds.  All the ratios made sense and were only a bit different to what 
my endoctrinologist had given me.  However, the Carbohydrate/Insulin Ratio 
worked out to 15 grams of carbohydrate to 1 unit of insulin.  I was 
originally given 1 unit to 5 grams.  As an example, I eat 25 carbohydrates 
for lunch and take 5 units of Humalog approximately.  Based on 1 to 15 grams 
means taking less than 2 units.  What am I missing here?  Have I some how got 
the wrong idea about what this means?  If I eat 5 more CHO at a meal do I 
take 1 unit more, or 1 unit for an extra 15 CHO's?  
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