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[IP] Insurance Problems with Prescriptions - Long

Hi all:

Okay, I received a notification from my health insurance (Alliance Blue
Cross/Blue Shield) that prescriptoin coverage was increasing as of June 1st.
They advised that for a $10 co-pay for generic drugs and $25 co-pay for
non-generic they would provide a month's worth of supplys.  Well, last
Thursday I took my prescription for test strips from my doctor to a
participating pharmacy.  First, they refused to provide the 240 to 300
strips as my doctor had prescribed (I test approx. 8 x's a day) they would
only "allow" 200 test strips a month.  Then they told me it would cost $90
because it is a non-preferred drug.  Okay there is some fine print that says
if you purchase a non-preferred drug it is a $45 co-pay but I still don't
see where they can charge me $90 and then only provide part of the

2 days later I realized I was almost out of Humalog so I went back to the
pharmacy and handed in my prescription for Humalog.  My doctor had written
it for 3 bottles which is more than a month's supply but I figured they had
got their money for the test strips so I would try and if they argued I
would take less.  Well that one came back that it would be a $50 co-payment
because it was on the non-preferred list.  I didn't have $50 and asked the
pharmacist how much one bottle would be, she advised me $33 and then said
let's see what happens if we run just one through on this.  Well it came
back $25 co-payment.  She then ran through 2 and it came back $25 co-payment
so I got 2 bottles for $25.  How can 2 bottles be on the preferred list and
3 not?

My questions are:  Who do I write?  The company who does the pharmacy part
of the policy or the main company.  How best should I word my complaints
because this a load of garbage?  How can they say Humalog is not a preferred
drug when there is no alternative to actual Humalog?  How can they limit my
test strips?

Sorry this is so long but I know a lot of you have won battles with the
insurance company and I would appreciate any help you can give me!



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