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[IP] Transition to Insulin

I am a Type II diabetic who expects to require insulin in the immediate
future.  I am currently on oral meds and they are not controlling my BS.  I
also lead a very erratic lifestyle that includes travel and no meal
pattern.  Questions: 1. What can I expect during the transition to insulin?
 I am interested in the pump because it would appear to be a good fit with
my lifestyle, but will I likely be required to go through a period where we
see how I do with insulin shots?  2.  What is the typical reaction from the
endocronoligist community if I ask to use a pump instead of shots?  3.
What is the typical reaction of the insuransce/HMO community?  4.  My HMO
provider is Aetna/US Healthcare.  What can I expect from them if I decide
to use a pump?

Thanks, and feel free to respond directly. 
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