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Re: [IP] Atheletes On The Pump


I'm sorryto keep bugging you, but I'm really frustrated.  We saw our CDE 
yesturday and she told us we would have to see the Dr. before considering a 
switch to Humalog/pump.  That's fine, I would expect that.  Except for there 
are no appointments available until November!!!   Remember, Tizzy is newly 
dx'd.  She won't see a Dr until November?

I told them this was unacceptable and supposedly they are trying to fit her 
in earlier.  I'm so frustrated.  However, we are playing around with her 
insulin dosage.  Adjusting it to the #CHO she will actually eat.  If I follow 
the 350 scale, she's 8:1, but we're forcing her to eat.  

I've used 15:1 with good success.  She's using regular, not humalog so it's 
not the greatest way to go, but it's working.  They got really mad at me and 
said not to pay any attention to the people on the mailing list.  Only them.  
Personally I'd rather talk to people who live day-to-day with DM, not the 

The CDE actually told my 12 year old that she would run a HIGH risk of birth 
defects, IF SHE SHOULD EVER TRY TO GET PREGNANT.  Indicating she probably 
shouldn't.  What good is telling a 12 year old this?  She's now terrified and 
swearing off marrage and childbirth.  

I know this is kind of "out there", but it really upset Tizzy.  Why do they 
even bring this up at this point?    

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