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[IP] HELP! can't figure the basal rate

Just when we thought we were getting a handle on our 
10 year old daughter's basal rates, (pumping 12 days) 
our endo goes on vacation and we are at a lose. Her 
basals are as follows:
Midnight to 3am .7
3am to noon .5
noon to 6pm .2
6pm to 10pm .4
10pm to midnight .7
We are doing o.k. for much of the day. Today her BG 
was 151 at 2:30pm an hour and a half after her lunch. 
She did not eat next until dinner, and her bg was 252 
before dinner (6pm). She ate 80 carbs. and she bolused 
5.0 for the meal, and another 1.0 to lower the high. At 
10:30pm her BG was 209 followed by a 269 at 11:00pm, 
and dropping to a 76 at 2:34 am. I gave her a nitebite then 
due to the fact that she is always dropping lower in the
morning. The previous night her 2:30am BG was 245, 
followed by a 7am BG of 145 (same basals as tonight). 
I am not sure what to do tomorrow with her basal rates. 
Her endo gets back on Monday. I obviously have to raise
her pre-dinner rates and up, and her rate before 2:30 am 
down. I just don't know for how much before 2:30 am I 
should lower it, and if I raise it up before dinner and just
after, this will also affect her 2:30am reading. I welcome 
any suggestion from someone who is real experienced 
with the pump and children. It is tuff being a "Newbie."
Linda M.
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