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Re: [IP] re: uva hospital

Robin & Amy:
     Not a whole lot different than my experience here in Philadelphia 3 
years ago with Melissa. Although Children's Hospital is world-renowned for 
precedent-setting operations, when it comes to the repetitive routines 
associated with caring for a chronic illness, they seem to be bordering on 
lackadaisical nonchalance. I watch bemused as parent after parent sheepishly 
mentions to me that they're thinking of leaving the hospital (usually after 
they've begun pump therapy btw) because they're so frustrated at seeming to 
know more than the doctors about "fine-tuning". I tell them we've BTDT (been 
there/done that) too & it seems to be a common evolution.
   I don't have any solutions to proffer, BUT before we condemn these "Top 
10" ratings, we should remember that even the endocrinology department deals 
with conditions other than diabetes, for which they MAY be outstanding. If, 
G-d forbid, my child needed "ground-breaking" surgery, CHOP would still be my 
hospital of choice. BUT, that said, when I called to describe what was indeed 
a severe site infection from her infusion set & was told I could bring her in 
to the ER (which she hadn't needed even upon dx!!!) if I "wanted to", I knew 
it was time to move on! Even when I suggested that it might be wise for them 
to at least SEE Melissa since she was only the 10th pumper they had ( and as 
it turned out- the first for her ped endo- DUH) & they might want to OBSERVE 
what she was coping with, they seemed more concerned with being offended that 
she'd already been dx'd by a nerighbor dermatologist for whom I was working 
   Ok - hopping off my soapbox & getting ready for today's visit with a 
cyberpal from Canada- the same one Barb (Erica's mom) raved about, who drove 
5 hours to help them survive that transition weekend getting started on the 
pump!!  She's on her way to Maryland, stopping here in Philadelphia to 
finally meet us!!! WOW - I'm psychic- she JUST called & is only an hour 
away!!! Time to finish cleaning the house!!!

Regards, Renee
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