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Re: [IP] publicity not always good


If you have been reading this list for very long, you would
know that Sara has some bad complications from her DM.  I
don't blame her for venting.  

I agree with her -- the pump is not a cure!  We need
funding for research to find that cure.

It doesn't take PMS to frustrate you when things are
sugar-coated (don't forget to count the carbs).


--- Thomas Tarca <email @ redacted> wrote:
> email @ redacted wrote:
> >
>  (my ratios are 1 to 13 during PMS week...
> Judging from the tone of your letter, you must be
> dividing by 13 this
> week? :-)
> I think we should take any publicity we can get, consider
> publicity (unlike what you mentioned from the other
> publication), and
> move on.  Since we started on our pump adventure, we've
> met more and
> more people who have no clue that these wonderful little
> devices even
> exist, and we should use any exposure as an opportunity
> to educate
> people about diabetes, its current treatment, and the
> need to support
> funding for a cure.
> Sharon
> Mother of Steve, age 13, pumping four days now!


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