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Re: [IP] I don't get this, what am I missing???


I think you need to find a new CDE -- FAST!!!  I have to
agree that you should not be paying someone who is not
helping you.  Your BGs show that you need some adjustments.
 Unfortunately, whether we are on the pump or not, those
adjustments are usually up to us.

Also, it is NOT normal to be showing ketones with good
blood sugar.  Ketones are dangerous no matter what the
situation.  I can't believe your CDE thinks it is normal. 
Contact your doctor and talk to him/her about it.

Good luck.


--- amy m <email @ redacted> wrote:
> i don't understand this, ok finally called the cde today,
> and guess
> what NO advice for me! What is the point of paying
> someone if they're
> not going to change it. I think it's crap telling me to
> call every few
> days if nothing will be changed, bad enough it's
> different people we
> get different days, and DUH! my bg are not good, they
> NEED to tweek the
> rates some, not just watch it, i mean i haven't changed
> it in over a
> week, and the afternoon one fluctuates from 50 to 200,
> and I go low
> every night, so come on, there';s a prob, I don't see why
> they don't
> want to change anything> i changed a night basal last
> night adn they
> thought I did well, but of course, I shot up to 243 and
> had to make a
> correction just to bring it down. I don't get it! Why pay
> someone if
> they're not helping?? and I don't make a long distance
> call to be told
> I'm doing the right thing obviously when I'm not, oh
> yeah, and my large
> ketones are normal with good blood sugars, too bad even
> when I was in
> hospital I had no ketones iwth the stomach flu and with
> ten years of
> shots never had them
>  Amy


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