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Re: [IP] Silhouette sticking

At 01:52 PM 7/9/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>Sam aked:
> >Does anyone just stick the silly thing directly on the skin, without
> > anything in between?
>ME!!!  I wipe with alcohol, wipe with bard...pinch and stab.  unpeel paper,
>pull out needle, plug in  and go...less than 4 minutes...including deep
>breathing exercise to psyche myself into thinking the 4 foot long needle
>WON'T hurt...

Now let me get this right... you wipe with lard? And then you use the baby 
needle that's only 4' long? All that grease will help that needle slide 
right in with no pain or strain.

Unfortunately I must use the full size Sil that has the 10' needle with the 
diameter of a broom handle and insert it with only a cleansing with 
Hibiclens and IV-prep. I don't bother breathing at all, since I have this 
built-in auto-macho resistance to pain. In fact I really look forward to 
set-changing time.    :-)

(If you believe this, I have a nice bridge over in Brooklyn that's for sale...)

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