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Re: [IP] travelling


You definitely need a prescription for Humalog anywhere in
the United States -- not sure about Canada.

It doesn't hurt to carry prescriptions for all your stuff,
including your pump, with you just in case you get the
customs agent from h**l.

Sounds like a fun trip through some absolutely beautiful

Most of all ... HAVE FUN!!!


--- Julie Britt <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Sorry guys, more questions-
> In 2 weeks I am going on vacation with my family.  We
> will be flying to Seattle and driving into Canada
> (Vancouver then on to Calgary then back to the States). 
> I have a few quesitons...
> First, does anyone know if you can buy Humalog over the
> counter without a prescription in Canada?  What about
> Washington state and Montana?
> When crossing the border and going through customs and
> such, do we need to have written prescriptions for any of
> my supplies?
> Do I need to adjust my basal rates at all (or eating
> times for that matter) because of the time difference (I
> live in Florida, so it will be about 3 hours I believe)?
> We will be doing a lot of outdoors stuff (hiking,
> rafting, etc), and it may be hot during the day, though
> I'm not sure how it will be in the mountains...will the
> insulin in my pump be ok?
> Thanks so much for your input.  This is my first vacation
> post-pump, and i'm a bit nervous.
> Julie


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