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Re: [IP] publicity not always good

Hello urt god you must be from the south because you feel about the same and
think about the same as me although I think the pump is great and I am very
happy with only having to prick my finger and not having to give myself a
shot or when you are out in a restaurant and you go to the restroom and you
have to stand in a line for 10 to 20 mins just so you can take a shot and if
you don't wait in that line and you just go over to the sink to do it some
old lady or young at that gets affended because heaven forbed she see me
shotting up!! hahah ever had that one happen to ya .. but any way I kinda
think the pump is kool I haven't had it but a mouth but I guess I will
probably fill the same as you down the road but anyway good luck!!
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Date: Friday, July 09, 1999 2:00 PM
Subject: [IP] publicity not always good

>I read the article that will be in this weekend's WEEKEND and, while I
>it is great to "get the word out" about the pump," I am also concerned
>some of the negative impact this article will have on some readers. For
>example, the article states:
>> Insulin pumps lead a parade of pain-free tools....Taking insulin no
>> means syringes and pain for more and more diabetics
>Nowhere does it mention sticking a 2 inch needle into your flesh to insert
>the device, nor does it mention the 6-10 finger pokes a day...which in my
>opinion are not ALWAYS pain free...This first paragraph, the first thing
>people read, makes it sound like we have nothing else to worry about or,
>should I say, COMPLAIN about!!  If it doesn't hurt, why is Diabetes so
bad -
>let's focus our money and energy on more PAINFUL diseases like _____ and
>______ (fill in the blank with your favorite painful illness du jour)
>The article states:
>>  continuous supply of insulin 24 hours a day to keep blood sugar
>> in the desired range and to prevent complications such as blindness,
>> heart and kidney failure and limb amputation.
>Makes it sound like the magic pump is the miracle cure we have all been
>demanding more money in Congress for all these years!!  The pump does NOT
>(and I quote)  "prevent complications such as blindness etc...."  It is
>diligence on our parts, a caring supportive, educated doctor,
>reasonable health insurance and a butt load of LUCK that keeps some people
>complication free, while others go through the hell of retinopathy, the
>purgatory of gastroparesis and the horror of renal failure.  sure...maybe
>those people who are diagnosed in THIS day and age instead of 20 or 10 or
>even 5 years ago, and put on pumps immediately, and start from day ONE to
>test their blood 7 times a day, the pump can be seen as able to (and I
>"prevent complication."  but the pump is only a machine - it will not
>you compliant.  It will not autonomously provide you with good numbers...it
>can and DOES malfunction and it relies SOLELY on human intervention to
>operate at all
>> Unfortunately, only about 5% of insulin takers are on the pump.
>Does it mention that this is due in part to uneducated medical
>and heel- dragging insurance companies and the fact that our government is
>more concerned with studying AIDS in other countries than in finding a cure
>for diabetes?  No...me, being the commie, b***h pessimist I am, thinks
>(invoke redneck accent please)..."hale, verne...wut the hales wrong with
>them folks with diabetUS - wah don't they go get theyselves wunna them
>insulin pumps and quit their grippin' and askin' me fer donations?"
>> It is especially useful ..... for women who want to get pregnant or
>> lose weight.
>So....once again the media is implying that only women want, and need, to
>lose weight, is that it?  heh heh - i am SUCH a feminist aren't I??
>> The only negative: having something attached to you all the time.
>No - the only negative is having to look at every piece of food I put in my
>mouth in order to do a math calculation using either 13 or 17, which is not
>math I can do in my head (my ratios are 1 to 13 during PMS week and 1 to 17
>normally).  No the only negative is having to hold off my workout an hour
>get my bg up to a good level to start working out...and of course by then
>gym is closed   No, the only negative is having to wake up at 6am on a
>Saturday to correct for a high that was caused by ripping my set out when I
>rolled over too vigorously during the night...no the only negative is
>to look at every piece of clothing I buy and wondering...where am I gonna
>hang my pump...no the only negative is having to convince my insurance
>company that I really DO test my blood sugar 10 times a day and they really
>ought to pay for it...I could go on about the ONLY negative...but you all
>probably get my point.
>Yes I am negative...I still won't trade my pump for syringes until they pry
>it from my cold dead fingers.   I am glad that diabetes is finally worming
>its way out from the closet and into the public...though sensationalized
>headlines in the Inquirer like MARY TYLER MOORE UNDERGOES VITAL
>simply report she had a vitrectomy, is not what I want, nor what the
>needs!!!  While it ended with excellent details and factual information, (I
>read it standing in line - her doctor is MY doctor - Dr. Fisher), it was
>sensationalization that GRABBED the reader....OH MY GOD POOR MTM!!!
>IS JUST RAVAGING HER!!!  The the first 4 paragraphs were just oh woe to
>MTM...can't leave her apartment...how she has been unable to contorl the
>disease that is ruining her life...This same person is gonna read "Taking
>insulin no longer means syringes and pain for diabetics" in the WEEKEND and
>So just what DID I want?  well I wouldn't have minded an additional
>about how diabetes is still an incurable disease that affects X million
>people in the US, with X million of them Type I and dependent on insulin.
>would like to have it say that insulin is NOT a cure, but with proper
>and support, one might be available someday...
>blah blah blah blah
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Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
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