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Re: [IP] dumb excuses for using only one pump and how long have you had that lancet?

At 03:42 AM 7/9/1999  Bob Burnett wrote:
>Jen wrote:
> >"when the numbers wear off".  Oh the tales we
> >could tell to frighten the medical establishment. . .

I use lancets until the end is flat. Then, when I get tired of square holes 
in my fingers I switch.  :-)

When I was a shooter, I used to re-use everything. Now that I'm a pumper, 
for some reason I've become more conservative (must be old-age)... I've 
actually been following instructions on changing everything with my pump 
every 3 days. Truly amazing!! I guess since the insurance people are 
footing the bill, my motivation to change is less than it should be.


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