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[IP] A cry for help...

Sorry, I just had to vent.  I am having one of the
most frustrating two weeks of my life.

June 24th :  I had an appointment with my new endo
    and he was very phsyched that I wanted to get
    a pump.  He had me meet the CDE in his office
    and see a MM up close.  CDE was a little behind
    on the new stuff, but I was a little too excited
    to think much about it.

July 1st : MM faxed the sample letter to my doctor
    to sign to get the ball rolling with the insurance

July 7th : No news yet from doctor so I started calling
     them and the MM rep to get more info.  Called doctor
     twice that day.  MM rep let it slip that the doctor
     is typically slow on responding.

July 8th : Called doctors office two more times.  Felt like
     an annoying child saying "is it done yet?", "is it done
     yet?"..."IS IT DONE YET!!!!"

July 9th :  Doctor's secretary answered the phone and quickly
     after hearing my name tried to pass the phone off to 
     someone else...none of them wanted to talk to me either
     so she was stuck.  She told me outright that the doctor
     didn't agree with the letter and that he was rewriting it
     himself.  "OK" I said and asked if it would be out to MM
     by the end of next week.  She told me not to count on it.
     She had already redrafted it 3 times and he still wasn't
     happy.  So I called MM and told her this, and the rep 
     said that she had another patient she faxed the letter
     out for on June 10th who also hadn't heard back. UGH!
     I am frustrated beyone belief.

     So I asked the rep about a loaner to try saline on.  She
     said that they don't do that.  You have to arrange it 
     through a CDE and only if they have one to lend you. She
     asked if I had one, and I told her not really.  She said
     that the guy I talked to at the doctors office was a CDE
     and really nice.  However, my meeting with him consisted
     of him showing me a MM506 with a bent needle infusion set.
     He said he thought they might have a QR set now and that 
     there might be a newer model.  Not sure I want him 
     to be my contact and to help me set basals.  I think he
     would be in shock if I called and said I wanted to try
     a pump with saline, try both the Sil and the SofSet and
     please with a pump made in this half of the decade. <LOL>
     I just don't know what to do anymore.

     Asked the MM rep about the fact I have an appt. with my
     PCP on Tuesday and if I could have her do the paperwork.
     My PCP has an amazingly organized office.  The rep told
     me that my insurance requires an endo to sign the letter
     and prescript.  So no, but I could have my PCP call and
     hassle him about it.

I got off the phone and cried.  It wasn't even 11am yet.
Has anyone gone through this and what else can I do?  I have 
called and called and called.  

Thanks, sorry so long,
Thanks.  Sherry Webb Nolan		"Expect GREAT Things!"

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