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Re: [IP] Woo hoo!!

>Tara, Congrats!!  Any advice for the newly-pregnant?  I am about 7 weeks
>and just started on the pump.

Well, you're in the beginning phases, which for me were the most difficult
as far as blood sugars go  My a1c's were running at 6.8 when I was around
7weeks.  But, I also wasn't on the pump then either.  The best advice I can
give is TEST, TEST, TEST and TEST!  I am still testing my bg's about 10-15
times a day.   I also read the "Stop the Rollercoaster" book from cover to
cover and started charting my bg's and carbohydrate intake.  Lots of
calculations. Then when I got the pump I bought the Insulin Pumping book
from the same author.  Both books are excellent.

Good luck!!

Pumping since 04/09/99
IDDM 15 years, pregnant, due date Sept. 23/99

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