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Re: [IP] Re: macular edema

In a message dated 7/9/99 6:52:03 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<<However, several months after starting to use the pump I had my 
first eye problems and have experienced a significant loss of vision.  It was 
diagnosed as macular edema which the ophthamologist states is partially 
diabetic related. >>

I had macular edema around the time I was diagnosed with proliferative 
retinopathy, and understood it to be one manifestation of the condition.   My 
problems started in the early 80s in the year my control had improved greatly 
with home blood glucose monitoring -- my understanding now is that some 
people do have  a significant problem with retinopathy with improved control, 
but that this levels off within a couple years and the longterm outcome will 
be much better with the improved control.  

 My macular edema improved to the point of not being a significant visual 
problem within about 3 years.  My doctor told me at the time that I was very 
lucky, the chances of this happening without treatment  were less than 20%.  
I don't know if this is still considered the truth, or whether the improved 
control of blood sugars now possible with the pump also influences the 
outcome.  At any rate, the eye that had the severe edema is now my good eye, 
and my new glasses supposedly correct it to 20/20, although I still have 
variation in vision during the day and difficulty in focusing quickly, as 
when driving on a freeway.

Linda Zottoli
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