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Re: [IP] naked infusion sets?

Richard, thou doth prepareth way too much :-).   I used to do all sorts of
things like you to prepare, but now i don't do anything, other than make
sure the hair is not too long.   For me, the sites last just as long doing
nothing as when I was making feeble efforts to sterilize.  Also no undone
sites or infections, and i'm a hot swimmer too.   Don't have to worry
either about rinsing off the soaps either *S*

<<<<<<<<He sent me a box of Smith Nephew IV Preps -- the kind with
triclosan.  Now,
after shaving and washing with Hibiclens, I paint about two square inches
with the IV prep, wait for it to dry, and then insert the introducer (trying
for 10 degrees, but usually getting about 20) without any other
I shower, swim, and walk around in 100 degrees.  Never has an infusion set
come undone, nor been infected.  I can leave the site in for a week, though
3-4 days gives the most comfort (meaning the least itchiness).
Another advisory.  Thoroughly rinse off all soaps before using the
email @ redacted<<<<<<<<<<<<

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