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[IP] Denise, and her basal rate change

> She reduced my midnight - 6 am,to .5, and the rest of the day I'm at .3!
>So that reduces my total basal amount by about 1.2 units in 24 hours. I sure
>hope this works. I think it just might, because this a.m. I had to fast
>for my appt with her, and I used a temporary basal rate, that was half my
>normal one, and my BS stayed between 75 and 100 til I ate a late lunch! So if

<Call me wrong everyone if I am>.
If I read your message correctly, your basal rates were changed to help 
avoid your lows.  To check basal rates you are supposed to fast and if
your blood sugars are stable then they are set correctly. This is
why they had you fast for the appointment. So why did 
you use a temporary basal rate when you fasted for that appointment?  I
would think this is incorrect.  The temp basal you set sounds like it
the correct amount for you.  If your normal one is twice as much it
like you are still on too much insulin.  If you are normally eating
this time, you should be bolusing for it and not using your basal rates
to cover it.

Just my 2 cents,
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