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[IP] Pump with saline solution for a month

Using a saline solution for a month enables one to get use to setting up the 
infusion set.  It gives you time to try out a softset or a silhouette.  There 
is no stress because your not live with the insulin yet.  It doesn't matter 
if it takes you 30 minutes to get the infusion set right.  If you want to 
redo it you have all day to fool around with it.  If you need to call MiniMed 
in the middle of the set up who cares because you are not missing any 
medication.  If you didn't do the infusion set just right and it came lose, 
who cares.  This time gives you a chance to make mistakes and learn how to 
work them out without stress.  The month also enables the person to\ find out 
what supplies they like and what they don't like.  To go live in a matter of 
days adds much to much stress to the situation.  I couldn't imagine going 
through all the above and having to have to worry about basal and bolus 
changes as well.  Take the time to get it right and enjoy your pump.

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