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Re: [IP] Got basals adjusted!

> After my last 2 visits with the CDE, and 2 extreme hypo's while
> there,(remember?)my Endo did some basal adjusting. Now I have 2 rates instead
> of 4. She reduced my midnight - 6 am,to .5, and the rest of the day I'm at .3!

Your endo spends a few minutes once in a while on your problems. Learn to 
do basal profiles and day to day management yourself. Read the sections 
in Pumping Insulin on profiling and the HOWTO's on the web site. Don't be 
bashful about talking to the list. It's not hard to do, just a bit of 
work. You will probably spend much more time carefully profiling your 
basal requirements than any member of your medical team. Talk to them and 
get their help, but manage the task yourself.

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