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Re: [IP] Gone Live Today!


I just went live on 7/1.  I love it. It was a breeze.  I have a great medical 
team at USC, they are on top of their game.  Couple highs on the 2nd day, 
either miscounted carbs or pinched tubing.  Couple nighttime lows from 
overpowered basal rate, which was easily fixed (we cut it down by only .1 per 
hour.)  .8 to .7 it did the trick.  My advice would be to follow the carb 
plan EXACTLY for the next week or so. It will help fine tune your basal and 
bolus amounts MUCH faster.  If the doctor knows for certain, that your 40G 
went in, with a Xunit bolus, he she knows what caused the low or high.  If 
you take in MAybe 60g or 75grams and said 40, you are gonna get screwy 
results and screwy recommendations from the CDE.

One oddity for me was: it turned out my lunch (80g carb) only needed 4 units 
to do what a dinner of 80 carbs needs 6 units.  Weird stuff.

Couple of questions though.  Why all the snacks between meals?  Do you just 
love to eat?  Are you an ultra exerciser?  Was that your MDI meal routine?  
And why were you on saline for a month?  I got it for 3 days.  Living with a 
pump was clear by then for me, you musta went nuts wasting time for a month, 

Thoff is finally off the injections :-)
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