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[IP] naked infusion sets?

Sam Skopp wrote,

>I have been sticking my Silhouettes on top of an IV3000. Does anyone just
>stick the silly thing directly on the skin, without anything in between?
>(Dare I say, "use a naked Silhouette"??)

I guess that would be me, also.

On advice of the pharmacist/pumper who supplied my Disetronics, I switched
to tenders after trying 2 rapids.  The experience convinced me I should not
have a metal needle attached to me.  Plus the tape and looping was a
nightmare.  And a logistical mess!

He sent me a box of Smith Nephew IV Preps -- the kind with triclosan.  Now,
after shaving and washing with Hibiclens, I paint about two square inches
with the IV prep, wait for it to dry, and then insert the introducer (trying
for 10 degrees, but usually getting about 20) without any other

I shower, swim, and walk around in 100 degrees.  Never has an infusion set
come undone, nor been infected.  I can leave the site in for a week, though
3-4 days gives the most comfort (meaning the least itchiness).

Another advisory.  Thoroughly rinse off all soaps before using the

Richard, Austin Texas, one of the cooler and wetter places in the U-S, last
week anyway.

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