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Re: [Re: [IP] Silhouettes]

At 08:18 PM 7/8/1999  denise poole wrote:
>"Jane B Reese" <email @ redacted> wrote:
>Sam -  I was SO annoyed I did ask for a supervisor - she gave me the same
>story!  But I didn't think to call my local supplier - thanks! for a good
>idea!  I will be on the phone with them tomorrow!  It seems SSO unfair -
>doesn't it?  They're in pristine condition, in their original packaging, and
>MM knows, because I've been on the phone with THEM when the sets have
>failed!  They told me they could hear the pump beeping over the phone.  It
>goes off like a British air raid siren when delivery isn't working - loud
>and constant!  Thanks fo your response!

Your reference to a British air-raid siren made me think (a rare 
occurrence)... are you in the U.S.?? If not, that might explain the 
difference in treatment. I had absolutely no problem exchanging mine... and 
I had even opened the boxes. Talk to your MM rep and see if they can't pull 
a few strings. There is absolutely no reason why they can't exchange these 
sets for you.

(If you still can't get this done using your MM rep, please write me 
privately... I know a MM rep that will fix it for you...)

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