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[IP] Re: tape problems, tangled in tubing, and getting pregnant with velosulin

> From: "Lori A. Willey" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Tape problems

I don't know if this will solve anyone else's tape problems, but I do want to share
something that has been a major improvement for me.  I have been struggling to keep
tape on this week with the 100+ temps we have had.  After I sweated off tegaderm,
IV 3000, and polyskin, I tried using the IV 3000 first, inserted the sofset through
it, then used one of the old tapes (the honeycomb patterned ones) that come with
sofsets.  In addition to sticking, it is probably the most comfortable tape
arrangement I have used yet.  The irritation I always have at the insertion site is
not there, after nearly 3 days.  I also see no redness under the tape itself, which
is unusual.  Just wanted to share.

> The first night went uneventfully with the set, he only woke up once with the
> tubing wrapped around him.  Any suggestions for him?

It certainly won't hurt the tubing and probably won't pull the set out, although
it's not all that comfortable, especially with that 42" tubing!  If it concerns
him, suggest putting the tape inside whatever he wears to bed.  I sometimes coil up
the tape and secure it with the little twisty metal things that come off bread
bags.  High technology at work. . .

> The main reason he wants sils, by the way, is because he is a very aggressive
> soccer player, and said he felt it when he slide tackled at camp today, and also,
> because when going one on one with an opponent, they tugged on his shirt and he
> said they tugged on the "tail" where he had disconnected.  He figures these wont
> be issues with a sil.  True?

Yes.  Very likely true.  In a pinch, he could tape the tail to his belly, but the
Sils are probably the better set for him.

> From: "Joleen Krouth" <email @ redacted>
> I was on Humalog and recently switched to Velosulin, in the hopes of
> eventually get pregnant.

I don't understand this?  Who suggested that switching to Velosulin would increase
the chances of pregnancy and/or be the better choice during pregnancy?  As far as I
know, this is absolutely false.

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