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[IP] re: profile Krystan, sof sets

Hi Krystan 
 Welcome to the list! My name is Amy, I am 15, and I just started my
pump last week, haven't quite gotten to the finding it "easy" yet part.
 Also, anyone with MM--
 Believe it or not, the lady who does the returns called me again
today, forgetting she'd called yesterday, and actually said that they
could pick up the infusion sets! makes me wonder why I was TOLD by her
yesterday that I had to mail them in myself! and b/c it's been more
than 30 days, MM will not split the difference in cost of sof sets vs.
silhouettes, and neither help with the quantity difference. SO, maybe I
shouldn't have switched, cost $20, but had a prob with the Silhouette
today..which really bites!! I replaced it with a sof-set, b/c that's
what i have, and it was the 2nd one that refused to prime, but after
about 30 minutes, (manually it prmied fine, but not with the pump
command) I got it to, better than last set change 2 days ago, it didn't
do anything! And I keep catching bubbles! primed ten units before my
shower just to get rid of a huge one!
 But, I can't wait for these basals to be set, better not be more than
a month or two, hehe!

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