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[IP] yes, walmart does lower bg and re: I'm frustrated already

> From: Melvin Abbott <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Low blood sugars
> If I go to wal-mart I go low even  if I use a temp basal rate. Tammy

I experience this bizarre phenomenon--every time my sister and I go shopping, I go
low.  I'm serious.  It has become sort of a joke between us.  I say, "I'm low." and
she says, "Yes, of course you are.  We're at the store together."  It's very odd.
Shopping w/o her does not have the same effect, nor does being with her w/o
shopping.  Try explaining that with medical logic. . .

> Subject: Re: [IP] I'm frustrated already!
> I ran into the same situation as you.  Going to a Joslin Center and the Diabetes
> Educator had no experience with Disetronic although she said that if I could get
> a trainer to come to show her how to use it, she would agree to it.

I have to say that I also go to a Joslin Center (UMMS), and my CDE (Debbie
Ostrowski) said this, "I don't have as much experience with the Disetronic, but
they are both great pumps.  There's not a whole lot of difference, and the choice
is yours."

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