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[IP] Got basals adjusted!

After my last 2 visits with the CDE, and 2 extreme hypo's while
there,(remember?)my Endo did some basal adjusting. Now I have 2 rates instead
of 4. She reduced my midnight - 6 am,to .5, and the rest of the day I'm at .3!
So that reduces my total basal amount by about 1.2 units in 24 hours. I sure
hope this works. I think it just might, because this a.m. I had to fast
for my appt with her, and I used a temporary basal rate, that was half my
normal one, and my BS stayed between 75 and 100 til I ate a late lunch! So if
this nasty summer cold, my darling 2 yr old grandson passed on to me,doesn't
wreak havoc with my BS, I guess I will find out if this will help with the
hypos I was seeing way too much of lately! Just in case though, I got a
glucagon emergency kit! Thanks for listening!
dxd 1971
pmpg 6/97

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