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Re: [Re: [IP] Silhouettes]

"Jane B Reese" <email @ redacted> wrote:
Sam -  I was SO annoyed I did ask for a supervisor - she gave me the same
story!  But I didn't think to call my local supplier - thanks! for a good
idea!  I will be on the phone with them tomorrow!  It seems SSO unfair -
doesn't it?  They're in pristine condition, in their original packaging, and
MM knows, because I've been on the phone with THEM when the sets have
failed!  They told me they could hear the pump beeping over the phone.  It
goes off like a British air raid siren when delivery isn't working - loud
and constant!  Thanks fo your response!


 said even if they were>>unopened, that I had had them 30 days and they would
NOT take them back,
>>exchange them either! 
 ..>       I really can not understand MM responding to you in this way. I
returned a complete years worth of supplies, after at least 4 months of
receiving them! They had sent me the wrong tubing length. I made one phone
call, they gave me their Fed Ex acct number and I packed everything up and
sent it back and in about a week, I received my new shipment! I always call
the California phone #,(live in KY) and have NEVER had any problems.
I think they should treat everyone as well as they have treated me. I am sorry
to hear you are getting a run around. Maybe you could mention my experience
and ask why you are not being treated with the same response!?
Good luck, Denise  ..>

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