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[IP] Why was I switched to the digest version?

Someone asked:

>Is there a reason I have been switched from the list to the digest? I would 
>like to go back to the list if possible. Thanks.

If your mailbox fills up, all messages from the list "bounce" back to
Michael. This can amount to over 100 messages each day to Michael's
mailbox, stating "mail not deliverable, mailbox full". This is in addition
to all other mail that he receives.

Michael also receives bounces from people who sign up for one of the free
mail services such as hotmail.com, and then forget their e mail address.
Their mailbox fills up, and the warnings start to bounce back to the IP
list owner (yup, that's Michael's mailbox again). It can get nasty at times.

Rather than just un subscribing these people, we move them to digest,
giving them a chance to empty their mailbox. If this continues for several
days - week, we'll un sub the person, wait for them to scream for help.

Please, please read your mail. If you currently get too many messages, move
to digest or browser. Send a message to help@insulin-pumpers.org, asking
the Admin on Duty to make the change for you.

Please, please don't simply send a message to the list asking to be changed
or unsubbed.

There is a help@insulin-pumpers.org link at the bottom of each and every
message delivered to each of the IP lists. Use this link to ask for help,
ask for list changes, or to "complain" about something.

Oh, I almost forgot - you can also use the help@insulin-pumpers.org link to
thank the people who help make this possible <vbg>

Bob Burnett - Insulin Pumpers Mail Lists Administrator on duty

mailto:email @ redacted

Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
for mail subscription assistance, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org